Why recycling computers properly matters

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Why Recycling Computers Matters

Introducing environmentally-friendly policies and practices can benefit businesses.

Not only does it help the environment but it is also cost effective.

These environmentally-friendly approaches can also attract new customers and set you apart from the competitors.

Computers, when they reach end-of-life, through obsolescence, destroyed by fire or flood or something, should be recycled responsibly.

Did you know that inside a computer case there are numerous materials which are deleterious to the environment e.g lead, mercury, bromide fire retardants, zinc, silver, gold among others. Gold is a heavy metal, which can potentially cause environmental contamination called Gold-Poisoning, which can affect the planet, animals, and people.

Another obvious reason for recycling is the reuse of these materials. This reduces the need for mining and refining fresh minerals, greatly reducing pollution and costs.

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