How we securely wipe computers

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How we securely wipe computers

If you, like many others, are worried about business data confidentiality, rest assured we can help with that issue.

Here at Type48, we have a dynamic team with over twenty years’ industry experience in secure data erasure management.

Using software, a Hard Drive is erased by over-writing across its entire recording surface, not just the formatted areas. Then again, with a second pass, and even then, then for a third time. This is the lowest level of secure erasure we offer.

The disks are usable on the computer after this process, leading to a reduction in e-waste.

Alternatively, we offer a package of data destruction software, with;

Also, we are able to degauss Hard Drives. This passes a very powerful magnetic field across the drive, erasing any data, and destroying read/write heads. The drives are then suitable for recycling.

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